Winter Weddings (Part 3)

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I hope you enjoyed Winter Weddings Part 1 & Part 2. Now it’s time to celebrate the BLUES. Winter weddings are known for bringing in shades of blue to lend a cool romantic winter's eve feel to your wedding. 

Light Blue

Image from  Andrea Eppolito Events  (Las Vegas)

Image from Andrea Eppolito Events (Las Vegas)

The trendy ghost chairs mixed with this cool color palette makes this reception look like a winter wonderland. The snowflake accent lighting is an extra special touch.

Navy Blue

Pic from  Elle Decor

Pic from Elle Decor


The mixture of navy blue and gold make me think of a sophisticated New Year’s Eve wedding. The shimmer and shine are elegant and celebratory. Festive without feeling overly formal.

Pic from Pinterest

Pic from Pinterest

As you have seen throughout this series, a romantic winter wedding can be a glimmering snowy dreamscape or an shimmering elegant affair. Couples getting married in the winter can choose their themes and decor from a myriad of colors. Glowing candles and sparkling sequins reflect the twinkle in their eyes as they begin their happily ever after.

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