3 Reasons That Winter Weddings Are Better Than Summer Weddings

Summer may have a leg up on the other seasons in the wedding world, but what many brides-to-be tend to overlook is the vast qualities of a winter wedding. Winter captures the calm elegance of nature and the beauty of a crisp winter day. What bride wouldn’t desire this elegance on her wedding day? Not only does winter capture an eclectic bridal atmosphere, but it also offers many other wedding options that summer cannot match.

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Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

Once again, we put our heads together to select our favorite Trilogy Event Design blog posts of 2015. If you don't remember them, just click on the link to see why we think they're special. We'd love to know which post is your #1 favorite of 2105. Please comment below to let us know. 

Without further adieu, here's our list (in no specific order):

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

"Something Blue"

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Trilogy Event Design! 



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Best & Worst Trends of 2015

Photo Credit: www.eventbg.com

Photo Credit: www.eventbg.com

We asked our fabulous team of interns to put together a list of the Best & Worst Trends (for weddings and special events) of 2015. Here's what they said:

Best of 2015: 

  1. Light & romantic  color scheme (ex. blush pink/gold/ivory)

  2. Colored glass vases

  3. Wine bottle centerpieces (often spray painted silver or gold)

  4. A lot of greenery and garlands

  5. Dessert tables

  6. Long rectangular farm tables with mix-matched chairs

  7. "Unplugged" ceremonies and personalized hashtags

  8. Braids

Photo taken by Trilogy Event Design 

Photo taken by Trilogy Event Design 

Worst of 2015:

  1. Mason jars

  2. Inappropriate or "TMI" bridal party photos

  3. Mustaches (as a theme)

  4. Bridal jumpsuits

  5. A third dress for the wedding... that is a little too much

  6. Burlap

  7. Candy buffets (not for weddings anymore)

  8. Drones (sure they were cool for about 13 minutes)

Photo credit: www.stylevitae.com

Photo credit: www.stylevitae.com

Setting Up a Food Buffet

by Tanya Brame

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

With the holidays approaching, having a dinner party is a great way to touch base with family/friends near and far. It will take some planning ahead, but it can be done with ease following the simple guidelines listed below.

  • To avoid major pile-ups and traffic jams, plan your buffet by gathering all serving dishes and arranging them on the table in the order of the dishes you would like to serve.
  • Place sticky notes in the serving platters with the name of the dish. This will help you remember which food goes in what dish.
  • Have a starting and ending point for your buffet. Try a two- sided buffet so that it can be utilized from both sides.
  • Place plates at the beginning of the buffet in short stacks. If using disposable plates, choose heavier ones so that the food stays on the plate without spilling.
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Next on the buffet table is the food.

  • Line food up according to temperature.
  • First stop being the cold items, followed by the hot.
  • This will guarantee that the hot food won’t get cold while the guests are walking to their seats.
  • Provide a balanced meal with a salad, protein, vegetable, and starch (ex. bread or pasta).
  • Plan your menu with guests in mind. Choose foods that are easy to serve and eat while sitting or standing.
  • Serve dishes that your guests recognize.
  • If you decide to serve a dish that is unfamiliar to your guests, use name cards to help them identify the food item.
  • You may want to consider including a short list of ingredients for those with food allergies.
  • Make sure all dishes have a coordinating serving utensil. 
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Cutlery should be placed at the end of the buffet right after the food services. There is nothing more annoying than having to balance cutlery and napkins while trying to dish food onto your plate.

Make utensils “grab and go” by wrapping each set in the napkin and tying with a decorative ribbon or napkin ring. Provide utensils that guest will need to use. If a spoon is not needed don’t provide one. 

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Drinks should be put at the very end of the table after the cutlery and, if at all possible, on a separate table.

  • Serve drinks that are already pre-poured or in disposable can/bottles. This will eliminate chances for spillage.
  • If you are going to serve drinks out of a large container, place something underneath the spout to catch any drips that may fall.

As you can see, a buffet is a good ways to serve food for any size gathering. Arrange the buffet so that it makes sense: plates, food items, cutlery and beverages. The result will be a quick flowing buffet line, happy guest, and the ability to spend valuable time with family/friends without being tied down to the kitchen or serving food all night.

Of course, if you don’t think this is something you want to do on your own, professional event planners and caterers are available to assist. 

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Bridesmaids on Board: Dresses

by Fallyn Maleski

Talk to Your Girls and Do Research

Before you begin taking all of your girls shopping to try on dresses make sure everyone knows ahead of time the overall concept and colors of your wedding. Look online for inspiration and pricing. Have conversations about long vs. short bridesmaid dresses, the mix and match style, different styles for different body types, etc.

Also, one of the most important things to discuss beforehand is the budget. What can all of your friends afford? Your girls will appreciate you taking the time to pull them aside and make sure they can afford the dress you are choosing. They love you and want to be a part of your special day but make sure you are respectful to their budgets.

Photo credit: Luulla.com

Photo credit: Luulla.com

Shop Early

Start shopping early- approximately 7-8months before the big day. This will allow enough time for the dresses to be ordered, shipped, and delivered. Once they arrive everyone will have enough time to get alterations done. 


Photo: Popsugar Fashions

Photo: Popsugar Fashions

Who to Bring to the Initial Appointment

Keep it Simple!!! Not everyone has to go to the first dress appointment. Stick to your maid of honor and one or two bridesmaids. Try and pick girls who have different body shapes so you can see how every body type looks in a certain dress style. It will allow the appointment to run smoothly. Can you imagine 10 girls voicing their opinions at the same time? A decision will never be made. 


Photo: vponsalewedding

Photo: vponsalewedding

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How to Throw a Boo-riffic Baby Shower!

by Tanya Brame

Halloween Is Fast Approaching And So Is A New Bundle Of Joy!!

  • Pregnant friend (or family member)- Check
  • Date, Time and Location of Shower Set- Double Check

     First on the list are Invitations.  Send out via Postal Services, Email, Facebook, or Instagram. Whatever is the mother-to-be's preference.

     Deciding on Decorations is such an important part of the party. While the overall theme is Halloween, you have to remember it’s still a baby shower. Suggestions to jazz this shower up may include a diaper cake in the shape of a pumpkin, or using ribbons in the traditional Halloween colors of orange, black, and, yellow. Small pumpkins made to resemble a baby with little hats, bows, and pacifiers. Styrofoam cones made to look like candy corns, or a wrapped door made to look like a mummy. There are so many DIY Halloween decorations that could easily be used and without breaking the budget. 

Picture found in Parents Magazine originally published in October 2013 by Deborah Way and, Helen Quinn from FamilyFun. Photo by Laura Moss.

Picture found in Parents Magazine originally published in October 2013 by Deborah Way and, Helen Quinn from FamilyFun. Photo by Laura Moss.

     Don’t forget the tasty treats. Finger Foods will fit this bill. Items such as chicken wings, meatballs, deviled eggs, and assorted dips are easy and inexpensive to make. Use coordinating plates, napkins, utensils, and serving platters with the Halloween/baby shower theme.

     Now we are ready to discuss the Shower Games to keep the guests entertained. Start off with an ice breaker. You might have each guest say their name and how they know the mother-to-be.

      If it’s a co-ed shower, choose games that men can enjoy. Classic games include guessing how many of something is in the jar, what kind of baby food they are tasting, and which guest can drink the liquid out of the baby bottle the fastest. Purchase gifts for the winners of the games as a reward for their participation.

     Ending the shower with a Candy Buffet will  provide your guests with take-home gifts. Be sure to include your name and date of the shower on a label or tag. Include all of your Halloween favorites such as candy corn, ghost-shaped marshmallows, spiced wafer cookies, personal-sized pumpkin shaped cupcakes, and the all- time favorite caramel/candy apples. These will send your guests happily on their way. 

Mini Pumpkin Cake’s Photo by Con Poulos originally published in the November 2012 issue of Family Circle Magazine.

Mini Pumpkin Cake’s Photo by Con Poulos originally published in the November 2012 issue of Family Circle Magazine.

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