It's Showtime

Bridal shows offer a multitude of options to help you plan your wedding. The host venue and/or outside caterers will have food for you to sample. Bakeries will have slices of cake to taste. And many many wedding professionals will want to talk to you about their services. BE PREPARED! 

Carry a tote bag. Sometimes you will get a bag at the show but other times, you'd wish you had one to collect all the materials and magazines you'll collect. 

Take a friend. Your soon-to-be spouse may not want to go to this event with you, so take your mother or a friend to help you navigate the show, chat, and carry your bags. 

Pre-print labels. Almost every table will have a signup form of some sort. To avoid writer's cramp, print out labels at home that include the standard information: 

Your name
Wedding date
Email address

Most importantly, have fun!

Our Chief Event Planner, Randi Martin, will be the featured wedding planning expert on stage at the Bridal Event by Bouche Productions this fall 

(Click the links below for advance tickets): 


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Been So Long

Oh how the days go by. 

We have been so busy with weekly bridal shows and client projects that we totally overlooked the blog... and our readers. We are so very sorry. 

To make up for it, we are working on some great new content that we hope you'll love. Stay tuned... 

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What to Wear: Celebrating a February Wedding

February is considered the month of love and romance. When celebrating a wedding in February, why not consider choosing attire in bright reds, and beautiful brown/chocolates?

RED- an emotionally intense color. It is the color of fire associated with words such as energy, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love.

BROWN- on the other hand, is the more serious down-to-earth color with properties like stability, structure and support. Brown stands for protection and a sense of responsibility, strong need for security, belonging to a family, and having lots of good friends.

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3 Reasons That Winter Weddings Are Better Than Summer Weddings

Summer may have a leg up on the other seasons in the wedding world, but what many brides-to-be tend to overlook is the vast qualities of a winter wedding. Winter captures the calm elegance of nature and the beauty of a crisp winter day. What bride wouldn’t desire this elegance on her wedding day? Not only does winter capture an eclectic bridal atmosphere, but it also offers many other wedding options that summer cannot match.

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Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

Once again, we put our heads together to select our favorite Trilogy Event Design blog posts of 2015. If you don't remember them, just click on the link to see why we think they're special. We'd love to know which post is your #1 favorite of 2105. Please comment below to let us know. 

Without further adieu, here's our list (in no specific order):

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

"Something Blue"

Don't forget to tell us which 2015 blog post you enjoyed the most.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Trilogy Event Design! 



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