7 Ways to Elegantly Incorporate "Something Blue" Into Your Wedding Day Outfit

by Alex Mottershead

We all know the age-old wedding adage "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," but so many brides are at a loss when it comes to incorporating these ideas: especially concerning the color blue.  So here are some ideas to help spark your creativity and add something blue to you or your wedding dress on your special day.

1. Something Embroidered

                                         Photo by Cameron Ingalls, Inc./The Knot

                                         Photo by Cameron Ingalls, Inc./The Knot

This one is a personal favorite of mine because it is so subtle, but very personalized.  There are a multitude of ways that you can incorporate something embroidered that's blue onto your dress, may it be your wedding date, your new married name, a simple heart, or whatever you feel compelled to add.  The beauty of this idea is that no one has to know about it but you.  The date embroider on the inside bottom hem of the dress has been reprinted again and again on Pinterest and also makes for a cute "Something Blue" photo.

2. Shoes


                  Photo by Studio 11 Weddings/Something Turquois

                  Photo by Studio 11 Weddings/Something Turquois

There are three ways to incorporate blue into your shoe ensemble. (1) You can always go for a pop of color and pick a blue shoe to go with your wedding dress. (2) You can purchase a shoe with some type of blue accessory on it or even add one yourself.  Maybe small flowers, sparkles, a little bow, you name it. (3) I've seen a handful of DIY photos now of brides coloring the bottoms of their heels blue.  This is the most discreet of the three if you're looking for something not as forefront and something unique.

3. Ribbons & Tags


                                   Photo by Daisy to Sunflower

                                   Photo by Daisy to Sunflower

As for ribbons, you can add those wherever you want: you hair, the bouquet, your shoes, around your wrist like a bracelet, etc.  This is probably one of the easiest something blues on the list because there are so many options.  Maybe even switching out the normal ribbon on a corset-backed dress with blue ribbon could be an option to explore.  As for the tag, this is very similar to the embroidery idea.  By added a small blue tag on the inside of the dress you've fulfilled the requirement for something blue.  You can then personalize the tag, depending on the same with a date, maybe a quote, or whatever you like.


4. Jewelry

                                               Photo by Candace Berry Photography

                                               Photo by Candace Berry Photography

Whether it is earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, you name it, find something that you love AND that has a little blue in it too.  Maybe there's something in the family that's been passed down and is blue...that way you can knock two off your list!

5. The Bouquet

                                            Photo by Kate Headley/The Full Bouquet

                                            Photo by Kate Headley/The Full Bouquet

Don’t be afraid to be a little daring with your bouquet and add a little, or a lot, pop of blue.  It could be just in the ribbons as I mentioned above or you could find some beautiful blue flowers to add.  You can also explore the world of broach bouquets and see what broaches (with blue) you can find.

6. Undergarments

                                        Photo by Captured Photography by Jenny

                                        Photo by Captured Photography by Jenny

Depending on the style of your dress, the fabricated, and a few other factors, you may be able to swing wearing some sexy blue underwear beneath your dress.  If not, maybe a blue garter is more your style.  Just experiment beforehand and see what works with your dress and what you're most comfortable with.

7. Nails


                                              Photo by Ariane Moshayedi Photography

                                              Photo by Ariane Moshayedi Photography

This last idea you'll chalk this up as either an immediate yes or no in your book depending on your style.  So many brides go for the classic and clean pink and white or a French manicure, but maybe you're looking to spicy it up and go with either a bold or mellow blue nail. Or maybe you just want to add a small blue design.  It's your choice! 

Perfect: Bridesmaids and Their Dresses

by Bryanna Beamer

After months of dieting, searching, coveting, and crying, you have finally found the perfect wedding dress to complete your perfect marriage to your perfect man; but what about your perfect bridesmaids?  There are so many issues that arise when shopping for our ladies of the evening. There are women of different financial situations, personalities, height, color, style, and width and you have to find the perfect dress to accommodate them all. Should they all be the same style, color, material? How are you supposed to please them all while still maintaining your dream-wedding look?

Step one: Realize that you are the bride. This is your day, not theirs, and while you love them with all of your heart, they need to understand that you should not be expected to compromise on your vision anymore than you would expect them to compromise on theirs when their day comes. That being said, make sure that your vision lines up with who is in your bridal party. It would be ill advised to select a $2,000 bright orange, skin tight, strapless dress when you know for a fact that your red headed, voluptuous friend whose budget is tight due to her incoming baby is in your party. Your vision will not work and your thoughts will be consumed by the abhorred vision she will be presenting on your wedding day.

Step two: Ask for ideas. Yes, you have final say but no, you should not start the planning off being a dictator. Sometimes it takes a person removed from the immediate situation to enlighten you about a potentially better idea. They may like the idea of having the same color but different designs or maybe they all want the same dress in different colors. Entertain their ideas of course but you have final say. Remind yourself that they agreed to be your bridesmaids because they love you and they want to help you in any and every way possible so let them be apart of the barnstorming process before you fall in love with a single idea that simple isn’t feasible. Have a backup plan to your backup so that you will not be disappointed at any point along this journey.

Step three: Relax. It is universally understood that the only person that truly matters on this day is you (and of course your groom). You are getting married. You are saying your vows. You you you. Don’t get caught up on them and how they look because eyes will be glued on you and what you are wearing, doing, saying, and acting. Your guests came to see what you will be wearing so think of your bridesmaids as the backup dancers in a Beyoncé concert: they are there to make you shine brighter.

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Happy Mom, Happy Wedding

By Shannon Gallagher

When looking for your bridal party’s outfits, the mother of the bride has a special selection of outfits to choose from. Surely your mom has her own style, but it is a great idea to help her out in the process of picking out her “mother of the bride” dress. Depending on your mom’s interests and knowledge of the newest trends, giving her some tips about the latest styles will be sure to make her selection process a lot easier!

A newer trend that I have been seeing on “mother of the bride” dresses are v-necklines. If your wedding has part of the ceremony or reception outdoors, your guests may get a little hot in the upcoming summer months. Your mother should also be nervous and excited for you on this wonderful day so v-necklines can make her feel less stuffed in her dress. V-necklines tend to look great on everyone, so have her try some of these on and see if she feels comfortable!

Photo Source: Montage by Mon Cheri http://www.montagebymoncheri.com

Photo Source: Montage by Mon Cheri http://www.montagebymoncheri.com

Another trend that works well on the hot summer days are lace sleeves. “Mother of the bride” gowns usually like to be not too revealing, and having sleeves on the dress really helps with this! Your mom might feel more at ease with these lightweight and stylish sleeves.

Photo Source: Montage by Mon Cheri http://www.montagebymoncheri.com  

Photo Source: Montage by Mon Cheri http://www.montagebymoncheri.com


With your tips on new and trendy styles, your mom will be so thankful that you helped her receive so many compliments throughout the day!

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Mix and Match

by, Samantha Delahanty

Finding bridesmaids dresses can be a very stressful part of the wedding process.  Trying to coordinate styles and colors to match each of your bridesmaids’ body shape and skin tone is very difficult to do.  The tradition is to have matching dresses for each of the bridesmaids and maid-of-honor.  But lately, brides have been doing something a little different.

Over the past few years, something that has been becoming popular is having mix-and-match bridesmaids’ dresses.  This is a very nontraditional look but it adds some uniqueness to each of your bridesmaids.  Trying to find one dress that fits all of your bridesmaids can be hard.  A dress that looks good on your tall friend may make your shorter friend look like she is drowning in material.  Having your bridesmaids choose their own dress style will also make it easier for them to wear it again since it is a style that they prefer and like.   

Photo source: Megan Robinson Photography http://www.meganrobinsonblog.com/

Photo source: Megan Robinson Photography http://www.meganrobinsonblog.com/

Another thing that has become popular is having your bridesmaids have completely different shades of colors all together, along with having different styles of dresses.  This allows for the uniqueness of each bridesmaid to stand out.  This will allow the bridesmaids to individually stand out without overshadowing the bride but rather complementing her.  This is also another incentive for the bridesmaids to keep their dresses because they will have a dress that works with their skin tone.

Photo source: Dennis Kwan Photo http://denniskwanphoto.com/

Photo source: Dennis Kwan Photo http://denniskwanphoto.com/

Having mix-and-match bridesmaids’ dresses adds a little bit of a new flare to your wedding procession.  It will keep everyone on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the next dress looks like, leading up to the finale: the bride’s gown.  It will also make your bridesmaids more willing to save the dress and wear it again since they were able to choose the style and/or color of the dress.

What are you planning for your bridesmaids' dresses? Leave us a comment in the discussion below!

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Let's Get This Party Started

The wedding reception's entertainment is always on the forefront of many couples' minds, beginning with whether to go with a DJ or a live band. There are certainly many fabulous music and entertainment options in the Greater Philadelphia Area that couples will not be left wanting for choices. This week on The Trilogy Blog we wanted to focus specifically on working with a DJ for your wedding reception.

Photo by Daniel Bostwick Photography

Photo by Daniel Bostwick Photography

When selecting your DJ, consider first whether you have a specific DJ in mind or whether you will be hiring a company that has a roster of DJ's to choose from. If you do not have a specific person in mind, and you decide to work with a company, first consider whether you are interested in having any specialty lighting for your ceremony or reception.

Design by Trilogy's Creative Director Francesca Staffieri. Eventions Lighting. Photo by Lindsay Docherty Photography

Why? Because many companies are Sound & Lighting companies that can provide lighting services as part of a package with your music entertainment. If you are considering using specialty lighting — and who doesn't want to see their names in lights on the dance floor …

— then you should definitely consider starting your interview process with a Sound and Lighting Company. If not, then your playing field is wide open!

When interviewing your DJ, consider the following questions:

  • What happens if your DJ has an unforeseen issue preventing their arrival on the big day? Just like working with any wedding professional that is there on the day, they should have a back-up in case something prevents them from being there.
  • What's their style? Many DJs have examples of their work, and can show you a sizzle reel of what they do to get the party started
  • Will they be your DJ on the day? Sounds like a silly question, but many companies will only guarantee that a DJ will be there for the day, not necessarily the one you are meeting with. If you want to work with a specific DJ, they may ask for an additional fee to guarantee that amazing pro you just met with will definitely be there on the day.
  • When will you next speak/meet with them? Most DJ's will speak to you the week of the wedding to review the reception timeline, any special dances you may want to have, any songs that you want played — even what songs you don't want played! If this is not something they normally do, request a check-in call the week of the wedding.
  • Have they played at your venue before? Just because a wedding professional has not worked at your venue before does not mean you should immediately discard them. The best work from a professional comes from a great working relationship between yourselves and the DJ. While it's nice to know that they know the ins and outs of a venue, if they're the right fit for you, they'll be the right fit for the venue too!
Silver Sounds DJs. Photo by Pictures by Todd Photography

Silver Sounds DJs. Photo by Pictures by Todd Photography

There are many more questions you should feel comfortable asking your DJ not only during the interview, but also as things come up during the course of your wedding planning. 

Next week, we'll take a look at a sample music reception timeline. In the meantime, if you're getting married or having an event and you have a question about music and entertainment, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Or, you can go one step further and schedule a free consultation with our Chief Event Planner Randi Martin by emailing info@trilogyeventdesign.com, calling 800-941-2770, or using our convenient online scheduler

Can I Have This Dance…?

The wedding reception's entertainment is always on the forefront of many couples' minds as they start lining up the wedding professionals who will help bring their wedding day vision to life. Once the dust settles, and you'e decided upon whether to go with a DJ or a live band, it's time to decide not only what kind of music you want playing at your wedding reception, but what do you want to do for your first dance.

Every couple is different: many want to have that first dance together, while others want to spend as little time in the spotlight as possible and look to have the bridal party and/or their guests join in the fun rather quickly. 

There really is no right or wrong answer as to how to approach the first dance! Do what makes you feel comfortable. We've compiled a short list of tips below as you consider your first dance.

1. Choose a song that fits you. Nothing will get you in the mood more for your big waltz on the dance floor than by choosing a song that not only you both enjoy, but also one that either fits your story or your personalities. 

2. Just because it's not a common song, doesn't mean it can't be (nor shouldn't be!) an option. Remember: it's your wedding day. If you want a song that isn't on the Top 40 playlist, talk to your DJ to secure it or ask the band-leader if they can learn it. 

3. Take dance lessons. Wedding planning can take its toll on even the most easygoing couples. If you want to learn a new dance, become more comfortable with how you look on the dance floor, or are just looking for something to do together as a couple, taking dance lessons can be a fun and lighthearted way of spending some evenings together. 

Photo by BG Productions. Monogram light design by Francesca @ Trilogy Event Design. Venue: Joseph Ambler Inn

4. Let others in on the action. If you want to minimize your time alone on the dance floor, consider dancing alone together for pictures and for your guests to have the chance to see you both be together for the first minute, and then asking your DJ or band-leader to get everyone else on the dance floor.

5. In the end, there are no rules. Sure, we've given a few tips in this blog, but keep in mind that there are no rules as to how you dance that first dance together. Keep it fun and keep yourselves sane: the dance is all about you as a couple, so do what will make you happy and enjoy your first dance!

Have a question about the first dance? Are you a DJ or band-leader with your own set of tips for our readers? Leave a comment below, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Are you looking for wedding planning help? Set up a free consultation with Randi by visiting our online scheduler, calling 800-941-2770 or emailing info@trilogyeventdesign.com.