Bye, Bye Black & White. Hello, Classic-Contemporary!

by, Alexandra Mottershead

Photos by Katelyn James Photography (top left), Brandon Chesbro Photography (top right), Kate Harrison Photography (bottom left), Modern Weddings Hawaii (bottom middle), and Ester Louise Photography (bottom right)

Photos by Katelyn James Photography (top left), Brandon Chesbro Photography (top right), Kate Harrison Photography (bottom left), Modern Weddings Hawaii (bottom middle), and Ester Louise Photography (bottom right)

The contemporary trend for mixed styles and colors for the bridal party has finally met its match!  Today’s groomsmen have upped their style game and broken the traditional black-and-white tuxedo mold.  We’re now seeing more and more colors, fabrics, and personality walk down the aisle.  The key to successfully grabbing hold of this new trend is be yourself and have a little fun, gentlemen.

What we’re seeing is a new classic-contemporary look on men and boys for weddings.  Just as women have been fitted in different types of dresses in the same colors, men have now been turning that concept around- just for their ties instead.  The tie, or bowtie, is just a small yet cohesive piece for men’s wedding attire.  Whether or not you are still in love with the traditional black tux, a pop of color with the tie is a nice twist on an old classic.  Select the same tie for the entirety of the grooms party or change it up and choose a variety of prints and colors that all mesh beautifully with your wedding’s overall color scheme.  Either way, men, you’ll look dashing.

Another fun way to replace that traditional black and white is to replace the entire outfit!  Men are now going down the aisle without the suit jacket, but with suspenders.  They’re getting rid of the dress shoe and instead pairing cowboy boots with plaid or gingham print shirts (and maybe even a cowboy hat if that’s appropriate for your particular wedding)!  Maybe try throwing on another layer for a winter wedding and experimenting with sweater vests.  The possibilities are really endless now. 

The one key to really nailing this new trend is to make sure that you still look put together and clean.   Self-expression is most welcome, but the entire outfit should not be frumpy or too over the top.  Make sure everything is pressed and ironed; make sure it fits properly; and make sure that the entire ensemble, men and women included, creates a cohesive look that matches your wedding style.  Once you can check all those off, you’ll be walking down the aisle in style. 

Finding the Perfect Attire: Grooms and Groomsmen

by Samantha Delahanty

When finding the perfect attire for the groom and the groomsmen to wear for the wedding day, you have to consider a number of details.  First, consider the time of the ceremony.  If it is in the daytime, you won’t be wearing the same thing as someone who has a wedding in the evening.  Second, you have to consider if the wedding is formal, semi-formal, or casual.  If you have the groomsmen wear a black tuxedo to a casual wedding, they will look out of place and way too dressed for the occasion.

For formal and ultra-formal weddings, black formal shoes should be worn with the tuxedos.  Black dress shoes should be worn with black or dark colored tuxedos.  For casual and semi-formal weddings, loafers or casual shoes can be worn, but no sneakers.  If you choose to wear a vest, tie, or pocket square they should either match the bridesmaid’s dresses or be black or white depending on how formal the wedding is.  If a pocket square is worn, a boutonniere is not required.

Below are some hints of what to wear to casual, semi-formal, formal, and ultra-formal in both the daytime and the evening.

Casual daytime: light colored dress pants, button up shirt, jacket and tie are both optional

Semi-formal daytime: light colored dress pants, button up, either a vest or a sport coat, and a tie


                Formal daytime: dark suit, tie, and vest



Semi-formal evening: black or dark colored tuxedo or a dinner jacket with black pants, tie, or a tie and a vest


               Formal evening: black tuxedo with appropriate accessories




            Ultra-formal evening: black tailcoat and black pants with white accessories


Preppy to the Max

By Shannon Gallagher

A most recent trend that has been taking over younger men’s style in their late teens and twenties is called “preppy.” This means men are wearing button-down long sleeve shirts, pastel colored pants, and attractive belts and boat shoes to match! It is making young women all over the country swoon over these gentlemen’s’ elegant color choices and relaxed, but professional looks. If this is the style that men are choosing to wear daily, why not put this gorgeous trend into groomsmen’s outfits in wedding parties?

First, the best way to style the groomsmen is to make sure they are all on board for this preppy trend. It’s a great idea to make sure each of them has their own input so they feel comfortable in the clothing. Next, you might want to match the groomsmen with the bridesmaids, so be sure to find out what color dresses the women are wearing in the wedding so the outfit colors can be coordinated together. A fun way to incorporate the preppy style is for the men to wear a matching pastel colored pant with white dress shirts. This presents a very summery look!

                                             Photo found on

                                             Photo found on

Another style that looks really great on the groomsmen is having colors match in the men’s outfits but not be completely the same. In the photo below, you will see that the men are wearing all of the same colors but have differently styled ties to make each groomsman stand out. As long as the color scheme is the same, this style will look wonderfully put together!

                                             Photo found on

                                             Photo found on

7 Ways to Elegantly Incorporate "Something Blue" Into Your Wedding Day Outfit

by Alex Mottershead

We all know the age-old wedding adage "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," but so many brides are at a loss when it comes to incorporating these ideas: especially concerning the color blue.  So here are some ideas to help spark your creativity and add something blue to you or your wedding dress on your special day.

1. Something Embroidered

                                         Photo by Cameron Ingalls, Inc./The Knot

                                         Photo by Cameron Ingalls, Inc./The Knot

This one is a personal favorite of mine because it is so subtle, but very personalized.  There are a multitude of ways that you can incorporate something embroidered that's blue onto your dress, may it be your wedding date, your new married name, a simple heart, or whatever you feel compelled to add.  The beauty of this idea is that no one has to know about it but you.  The date embroider on the inside bottom hem of the dress has been reprinted again and again on Pinterest and also makes for a cute "Something Blue" photo.

2. Shoes


                  Photo by Studio 11 Weddings/Something Turquois

                  Photo by Studio 11 Weddings/Something Turquois

There are three ways to incorporate blue into your shoe ensemble. (1) You can always go for a pop of color and pick a blue shoe to go with your wedding dress. (2) You can purchase a shoe with some type of blue accessory on it or even add one yourself.  Maybe small flowers, sparkles, a little bow, you name it. (3) I've seen a handful of DIY photos now of brides coloring the bottoms of their heels blue.  This is the most discreet of the three if you're looking for something not as forefront and something unique.

3. Ribbons & Tags


                                   Photo by Daisy to Sunflower

                                   Photo by Daisy to Sunflower

As for ribbons, you can add those wherever you want: you hair, the bouquet, your shoes, around your wrist like a bracelet, etc.  This is probably one of the easiest something blues on the list because there are so many options.  Maybe even switching out the normal ribbon on a corset-backed dress with blue ribbon could be an option to explore.  As for the tag, this is very similar to the embroidery idea.  By added a small blue tag on the inside of the dress you've fulfilled the requirement for something blue.  You can then personalize the tag, depending on the same with a date, maybe a quote, or whatever you like.


4. Jewelry

                                               Photo by Candace Berry Photography

                                               Photo by Candace Berry Photography

Whether it is earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, you name it, find something that you love AND that has a little blue in it too.  Maybe there's something in the family that's been passed down and is blue...that way you can knock two off your list!

5. The Bouquet