Winter Weddings

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Winter weddings can be as classic, modern, or elegant as a summer wedding. Here are a few examples of beautiful winter weddings. We hope they inspire you.


Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

If your venue decorates for Christmas, don’t fight against it… embrace it. Here, beautiful florals and decorative berries were added to mini trees to create an elegant centerpiece. For a twist on the traditional, dress your wedding in classic burgundy, gold, and forest green.

Winter White

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Everything is white or crystal clear. Add white winter flowers, white chiffon, white fur and white lights to continue the theme.

Inspired by this gorgeous photo? You can use crystal garland or flower lei to hang from the ceiling to replicate snow and ice.

Silver & White

Photos by  Megan W

Photos by Megan W

A classic silver and white wedding theme is an automatically elegant winter décor choice. At Jessica & Ryan’s January wedding, we used shimmery platinum linens, silver chairs, silver mint julep cups, and mercury glass votive holders to contrast against the white linens, flowers, and stemmed glass candle holders.

As I was writing and thinking of all of the possible winter wedding color combinations, I realized that there is just too much to put in one blog post. Stay tuned for the next installment of this Winter Wedding SERIES.

Glitter Wishes & Unicorn Kisses!

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