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Day of Coordination Tips 1 thru 3

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You should make copies of your contracts (venue & vendors) available for your wedding coordinator to review in advance. These contracts contain necessary information, such as: contact information, arrival times, number of hours services will be provided, what is included and not included in your package, etc.


The line around the escort card table or seating chart can be overwhelming for some guests. They just want to know where they are supposed to sit. This is where a master seating chart comes in handy. You should give your wedding coordinator 2 printed copies of your seating plan in the form of a spreadsheet: one sorted by table and the other sorted alphabetically by name.


Often, the banquet captain takes on the role of coordinator for the reception. You will avoid a lot of confusion by letting the banquet captain know in advance that they can focus on the food service and let the coordinator handle the formalities like lining up the wedding party for introductions.

Your day of coordinator (DOC) is the go-to person for all vendor concerns. The bride and groom should not be bothered with last minute issues such as "Who moved the gift card box?" or "When do you want to cut the cake?"

Your ceremony venue may have an assigned "wedding coordinator" who directs the rehearsal and ceremony to uphold the rules and regulations of the church/synagogue/hall. Sometimes they don't appreciate the additional coordinator so it is important to clearly determine the role of each coordinator ahead of time.

There are more DOC Tips to come. Until next time…

Glitter Wishes & Unicorn Kisses

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