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Seating Charts

Seating Chart .png

Seating charts have become trendy over the last few years. They are a more picturesque way to tell your guests where to sit for dinner than the traditional escort cards. They are often so beautiful, they become a featured part of the decor.

However, I have worked with many couples who have not thought out the design very well… or their hired designer didn’t. Take a look at these 2 examples of seating charts:

Image #1 - Sorted by Table Number

This looks great because there are probably the same number of guests at each table. The layout is a linear grid with even spacing. However, it takes longer for guests to find their names and table assignment. This becomes especially problematic when you have a large guest list.

Image #2 - Sorted Alphabetically by Last Name

This is also a beautiful design with the headings printed in large font to make it easy for guests to find their names and then the table number next to their name.

We recommend sorting alphabetically to get your guests seated quickly (with minimal confusion) so the rest of your agenda can continue without delay.

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