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Does Size Matter?

Now that I have your attention... I'm talking about why small weddings totally rock!

Reason #1 - With a smaller guest list, you can afford to be more fabulous.

Having a small wedding does not mean you can't afford a big wedding. It means you can get more bang for your buck. Let's say youe wedding budget is $25,000. Sure you could have 200 guests in an catering hall with a $60 per plate menu and average centerpieces, but wouldn't it be an amazing reception with 75 guests enjoying a $125 per plate menu and amazing entertainment surrounded by incredible decor? OR you can put the extra money toward the photographer of your dreams.

Reason #2 - You can save a lot of money.

With a smaller guest list, you save on food and favors. You'll have fewer tables, so you will save on centerpieces and table linens. You won't need as many invitations, wedding programs, or escort cards. Can you see the savings adding up already?

Reason #3 - You can celebrate with the most important people in your lives.

When you limit the guest list to your closest family and friends, you allow yourselves time to really share the joys of the day with those you hold dearest to you. You actually get to spend time with everyone at your wedding. You probably don't remember your father's coworkers who you met once at "Take Your Daughters to Work Day" when you were 12 anyway.

Reason #4 - You can host your wedding in more unique venues.

Some historic mansions and art galleries are only able to accommodate 100 guests or less. If you are hosting a very small reception (I'm talking 25 - 30 guests), a wine cellar or private dining room could be the ideal location. The beach is another welcoming place for an intimate ceremony.

Reason #5 - You can make your wedding more memorable for your guests.

You can add more personal touches. Your guests can actually get to know one another. I heard of a bride who wrote individual notes to each guest to personally thank them for coming to her wedding and to tell them about the other guests seated at the table that they may not know (great conversation starter).

BONUS REASON - The bride is less likely to turn into a BRIDEZILLA.

An intimate wedding will feel less like a major production and will be less stressful for the bride.

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Glitter Wishes & Unicorn Kisses!

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