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Don't Blow Off Your Wedding Budget

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We continue our Money & Matrimony series with a warning: Don’t Blow Off Your Wedding Budget.

It costs a lot of money to host a wedding... more than a new car!

Excited couples start booking vendors and making purchases without having a real budget and then are shocked to discover they've already spent all of their money (or parents' money) and don't yet have half the things they need. If you bounce checks or don't have the money to pay your deposits or make your final payments on the wedding day, your wedding will not happen. Please believe me when I tell you -- the band is not going to play all night if you don't pay.

Planning a wedding is serious business.

Make a budget and keep track of your expenditures so you won't be walking naked down the aisle.

Be honest about your budget when you meet with the professionals you plan to hire. Simply say, “My budget is X, how can we work within my spending limit?” They may have a special offering or other unadvertised services that will suit your needs.

At our Money & Matrimony Workshop on April 12th, we will talk about wedding budgets in more detail. We will talk about ways to make sense of your cents. We will also provide some money saving tips. Register before March 1 to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing.

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Glitter Wishes & Unicorn Kisses!

Money & Matrimony on Wedding Wednesdays

Trilogy Event Design has partnered with Wealth & Wellness Network to bring you this special series. Just so you can’t forget to check for the latest tips, we’re making MONEY & MATRIMONY a weekly #weddingwednesday feature. Be sure to check back here every Wednesday for information to help you manage your wedding budget and plan for your future after you say “I Do!”

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Trilogy Event Design’s very own, Randi Martin, is an experienced wedding planner, teacher, and speaker.

Paired with the brilliant mind of Lateisha Johnson, licenced financial coach, author, speaker & CEO @ Wealth & Wellness Network, you are guaranteed to gain enough knowledge to go forward and have a fabulous happily ever after.

Stay tuned and come back often.

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Posted on January 23, 2019 and filed under Announcements, Wedding Planning.