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Our Wedding Coaches assist Brides and Grooms through the steps to plan their own weddings. Like a planner, only better. Advice. Inspiration. Peace of Mind.

While a Wedding Planner will plan all of the details for your wedding (from finding the perfect venue to hiring professionals), a Wedding Coach will guide you through the steps to plan the wedding yourself.

We are excited to announce our new Wedding Coaches Facebook Community! The Wedding Coaches provide guidance to couples as they plan their weddings. Group members are encouraged to join in the discussions to ask questions and give advice too.

This group is for you if you have not hired a professional wedding planner but don't have 200 hrs to sit online doing research for your wedding.

This group is for you if you are overwhelmed with information overload and just want someone to answer your questions.

This group is for you if you are looking for recommendations and resources for your wedding.

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Day of Coordination Tips 4 thru 6

Hi There! We’re back with more day of wedding coordination tips.



Not all Wedding Coordinators decorate and most Decorators don’t coordinate weddings. It is very important to know and communicate what services you need for your wedding day. This will help you make the right hiring decisions and avoid any disappointments on your very special day.

At Trilogy Event Design, we offer both services separately. Check out our service options at


Because the day-of coordinator did not plan your wedding, chances are she doesn't know every detail. It is up to you to make sure you tell her everything about your wedding so there are no surprises.

We asked a few of our colleagues to share their thoughts about this:

"There is no such thing as too much information. Never think to yourself, 'Oh, I'll have a family member handle that the coordinator doesn't need to know'. We are only as good at implementing your plans as you let us be." ~ Sandra Hadley, planning forever events

"Make sure that your family knows that you hired a DOC. You want to be sure that the girlfriends, sorority sisters, and siblings are aware that they are no longer needed to be the Day Of Coordinator anymore. And no, I don't need any of them to be my assistant because I hired my own team for that." ~ Kawania Howerton Wooten, Howerton + Wooten Events

If you told the DJ not to play "Dance With My Father" because you hate your father, then your coordinator needs to know so she can stop the song before Luther sings the first word.

If you insist on having your hair done with your bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding, then your coordinator needs to know the time and location of your appointment so she can realistically judge the timing of later events, such as photographer's arrival.

If you have assigned specific tasks to members of your bridal party, then you should tell your coordinator so she doesn't step on anyone's toes. For example, you have asked your mother and maid of honor to bustle your dress. Unless you tell her, the wedding coordinator may expect this to be one of her duties.

If you forget to buy something that is needed on the wedding day, don't wait until the last minute to tell your coordinator. If she is willing to run out to get it for you, she will have to work it into her timeline.

These are just a few possible scenarios. It is always best to keep your wedding coordinator well-informed.


If you rent chair covers, make sure they fit your chairs. If you get the wrong size, then you will have to order 100 new chairs in just a few hours before the ceremony starts. Can you imagine how this scenario would have played out without a coordinator?

The same goes for anything else you are bringing in to the venue as “extra” decor.

  • Is there enough space for that flower wall?

  • Are your special linens for the sweetheart and cake table going to fit properly?

  • Does the aisle runner need to be cut to size on the day of the wedding?

Come back for more fabulous tips as we continue this Day Of Coordination series. Until then…

Glitter Wishes & Unicorn Kisses!

Don't Be Afraid to Talk About Money

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Are you afraid to talk to your significant other about money?

Do you go shopping and hide your stash in the trunk of your car until the coast is clear for you to sneak the bags in the house?

Or are you the thrifty frugal one and your partner’s laissez faire lifestyle make you crazy?

How is your relationship with money? Y’all cool?

For many people, everything they know and feel about money is based on their upbringing. Rich, poor, single parent, both parents, foster homes… whatever the experience, there has always been a relationship with money. You and the love of your life may not have the same experiences, views, or values when it comes to money. You need to know this and learn how to work with these differences before, during, and after your wedding.

Talk about Money

Let’s say you absolutely hate, with every fiber of your being, talking about money. You hate thinking about money. The thought of someone else asking you how you spend money makes you cringe.

Guess what! Once you start thinking about bringing another person into your life to be your life partner, you have to get over those feelings. You have to let them help you deal with your hatred towards money. Only then will you be able to make decisions for your family, your household, and your future together.

Get Clear

Once you have clarity about how you will spend and save your money TOGETHER, then you can have more peace of mind. You can release the fear and guilt that came in your childhood baggage. You can start to rearrange your thoughts to reflect more satisfaction with your financial decisions.

How Can We Help?

Join me (Randi Martin, Trilogy Event Design) and Lateisha Johnson (Wealth & Wellness Network) for cocktails, appetizers, and conversations about MONEY & MATRIMONY.

This unique wedding planning workshop is specially designed for couples who will be combining incomes and spending styles as well as joining their families to become one.

We will have REAL discussions about the cost of planning the wedding you desire. We will also talk about some smart financial steps you need to take BEFORE the wedding to prepare for your happily ever after (buying a home, planning a family, etc.)

You can't afford to miss this educational and entertaining workshop. EARLY BIRD pricing ends March 31. Get your tickets now! We’ll see you there.

Day Of Coordination Tips

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Many couples want to plan their own weddings and hire a wedding planner/coordinator to implement the plan on the day of the wedding. Although it is called "Day Of Coordination" (or DOC for short), your wedding coordinator will become involved at least one month before your wedding.

According to, "Hiring a professional wedding coordinator just for the wedding day, to organize and manage details, can save a bride's sanity."

If you have planned out the majority of your wedding, a "day of" coordinator will serve as your total relief on your wedding day by tying up loose ends and finalizing dates and times with all vendors involved. 

There are a lot of details to worry about on your wedding day, so why not let a coordinator worry about the details instead of you? 

During the month leading up to your big day the coordinator will make sure that all contracts have been signed with all vendors, ensure that everything from the flower girl's dress to your dress will be ready, confirm the final itinerary with you and all of your vendors and, most important of all, take the stress off of you.

The "day of" ceremony services include making sure the flowers, decorators, cake, photographer, limousine and entertainment all arrive when they are supposed to, provide coordination for the ceremony so that it runs smoothly, acting as crowd control in between the ceremony and reception, and making sure that everything is taken care of so that you do not have to.

As you can see, the major benefit of having a "day of" coordinator is total relaxation. Wedding coordinators take pride in taking the weight off of your shoulders on your wedding day. That is what we live and breathe to do.

Consider having a "day of" coordinator for your wedding day. Because, after all, don't you deserve to have maximum relaxation on your special day?

In our new series, we will provide several tips for brides to understand what they need to prepare in advance to make an efficient transition over to the wedding coordinator.

Until next time…

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