Mister and the Diva

Last week on the Trilogy Blog, we took a look at ways that our couples can "share the love" with their friends, family, and each other in the days leading up to their wedding day. We also asked our readers to email us with their wedding proposal story — or any of their stories that best represents themselves as a couple.

We didn't have far to look as one of the first people to respond was one of our very own couples who Trilogy Event Design has the pleasure of working with in planning, designing, and coordinating their Destination Wedding! And, when you read their story, one of the things that is so striking is that four years went by between when they first met and their first date, and how everything clicked over Valentine's 2009.

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Why is the title of this blog, "Mister and the Diva"? You'll have to read to the end for the surprising reason... Until then, introducing John and Andrea!

How they first met...
We met back in 2005 at a conference where I was a presenter and I remember when he walked into the room. At the end of the workshop, he introduced himself as an educator, handed me his card and said he would like to stay in touch to see how we could collaborate efforts. I handed him mine and we went our separate ways. I would see him once or twice a year over the next five years but always thought of him as super smart and funny with nothing else attached because he NEVER showed any interest in me beyond being a colleague (the nerve!)

How they finally connected romantically...
On Valentine's Day 2009, he called to ask what I was doing and I said nothing. He didn't believe me and after a little digging, he was surprised to find that I wasn't dating anyone at all. He asked to take me to breakfast the day after as he was away at a Robotics conference and would get in too late that evening. I said yes, we met and for the first time, I felt something change between us.


What they mean to each other...
We have been fast friends, amazing collaborators and each other's rib ever since that day. We speak without words, we never go to bed angry with each other and he has not once, raised his voice at me. He is my world and I am his. I believe he would give up his very life for my safety and there is nothing more calming to the soul than a mate like him. I love my "Mister" and will keep loving him to my last breath. No one but God will separate us and we are reminded every day when we honor love and respect each other with no boundaries to hold us.

Why the "Mister and the Diva"? When we first met with our lovely bride Andrea, she regaled us with stories of their time together, and you knew what a fun and loving couple they were from the moment she said that John is her "Mister". But, it wasn't until she explained that in all the years that they've been dating, many of her friends and family have yet to actually meet the "Mister" to her "Diva"... at least, not without his face concealed! Whether it was attending parties wearing a mask, or ensuring the photo of themselves together focused onto her, and away from his face, John's identity has been a mystery until they walk together onto a beach in Puerto Rico hand-in-hand in front of their guests.

We can't wait...

So leave some love for the "Mister and Diva" in the comments section, and we'll make sure we share it with them.

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