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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and we are in the height of engagement season as well! Couples all over the country are making plans to tie the knot in 2015, 2016, or beyond. We couldn't be more excited than when we meet our couples for the first time and hear their love stories... How they met, how they got engaged, and all the special moments that have made up their lives together.

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These are the unique moments that Randi and Francesca at Trilogy Event Design work to tell through the overall design and look of the wedding, whether it be an elaborate and elegant winter-themed wedding at the Crystal Tea Room...

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... or a backyard celebration at the couples' home ...

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... or a destination wedding in the Bahamas!


There are so many ways outside of the wedding day itself where a couple should "take their pulses". Remember to spend time together. Don't lose sight of what the wedding is all about; celebrating their love for each other!

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We advise many of our couples to take a couple days off (if possible) leading up to their wedding, and book a day just for themselves to spend together whether it is a spa day, a good meal at their favorite restaurant, watch the sunset, or just hanging out on the sofa catching up on their DVR recordings.

 Cape May, NJ

Cape May, NJ

Whether or not you take a honeymoon directly after the wedding (we are in favor of doing it if you can both afford it financially and get the time off from work), couples should at the very least take a few days to go somewhere so that they can spend time together after the big day. 

Burano Island in Venice, Italy

Another recommendation we have is to not skip the rehearsal dinner. Whether or not you actually rehearse, plan a dinner with your bridal party and immediate family to thank them for their help in the planning process, and show how much you love them for being a part of your life.

Throughout this month, Trilogy Event Design plans to shamelessly promote love! We will feature a special blog post around Valentine's Day showcasing the best proposal and/or love story from one of you, our readers. Be sure to email us at if you would like to share your love.

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As always, please feel free to leave comments and questions below. And, if you would like to meet with Randi to help plan your wedding and/or any of the small details that it entails, email us at, call 800-941-2770, or use our handy online scheduler to arrange a free, 1-hour consultation. We'd love to meet with you :)


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