Finding the Perfect Attire: Grooms and Groomsmen

by Samantha Delahanty

When finding the perfect attire for the groom and the groomsmen to wear for the wedding day, you have to consider a number of details.  First, consider the time of the ceremony.  If it is in the daytime, you won’t be wearing the same thing as someone who has a wedding in the evening.  Second, you have to consider if the wedding is formal, semi-formal, or casual.  If you have the groomsmen wear a black tuxedo to a casual wedding, they will look out of place and way too dressed for the occasion.

For formal and ultra-formal weddings, black formal shoes should be worn with the tuxedos.  Black dress shoes should be worn with black or dark colored tuxedos.  For casual and semi-formal weddings, loafers or casual shoes can be worn, but no sneakers.  If you choose to wear a vest, tie, or pocket square they should either match the bridesmaid’s dresses or be black or white depending on how formal the wedding is.  If a pocket square is worn, a boutonniere is not required.

Below are some hints of what to wear to casual, semi-formal, formal, and ultra-formal in both the daytime and the evening.

Casual daytime: light colored dress pants, button up shirt, jacket and tie are both optional

Semi-formal daytime: light colored dress pants, button up, either a vest or a sport coat, and a tie


                Formal daytime: dark suit, tie, and vest



Semi-formal evening: black or dark colored tuxedo or a dinner jacket with black pants, tie, or a tie and a vest


               Formal evening: black tuxedo with appropriate accessories




            Ultra-formal evening: black tailcoat and black pants with white accessories