Can I Have This Dance…?

The wedding reception's entertainment is always on the forefront of many couples' minds as they start lining up the wedding professionals who will help bring their wedding day vision to life. Once the dust settles, and you'e decided upon whether to go with a DJ or a live band, it's time to decide not only what kind of music you want playing at your wedding reception, but what do you want to do for your first dance.

Every couple is different: many want to have that first dance together, while others want to spend as little time in the spotlight as possible and look to have the bridal party and/or their guests join in the fun rather quickly. 

There really is no right or wrong answer as to how to approach the first dance! Do what makes you feel comfortable. We've compiled a short list of tips below as you consider your first dance.

1. Choose a song that fits you. Nothing will get you in the mood more for your big waltz on the dance floor than by choosing a song that not only you both enjoy, but also one that either fits your story or your personalities. 

2. Just because it's not a common song, doesn't mean it can't be (nor shouldn't be!) an option. Remember: it's your wedding day. If you want a song that isn't on the Top 40 playlist, talk to your DJ to secure it or ask the band-leader if they can learn it. 

3. Take dance lessons. Wedding planning can take its toll on even the most easygoing couples. If you want to learn a new dance, become more comfortable with how you look on the dance floor, or are just looking for something to do together as a couple, taking dance lessons can be a fun and lighthearted way of spending some evenings together. 

Photo by BG Productions. Monogram light design by Francesca @ Trilogy Event Design. Venue: Joseph Ambler Inn

4. Let others in on the action. If you want to minimize your time alone on the dance floor, consider dancing alone together for pictures and for your guests to have the chance to see you both be together for the first minute, and then asking your DJ or band-leader to get everyone else on the dance floor.

5. In the end, there are no rules. Sure, we've given a few tips in this blog, but keep in mind that there are no rules as to how you dance that first dance together. Keep it fun and keep yourselves sane: the dance is all about you as a couple, so do what will make you happy and enjoy your first dance!

Have a question about the first dance? Are you a DJ or band-leader with your own set of tips for our readers? Leave a comment below, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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