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Bastille Day Inspired Wedding Shoot

A few years ago, Tanti Lina, owner of Papertini — a floral design company located in Philadelphia —approached Trilogy Event Design with a vision for a styled wedding photo shoot based upon Bastille Day. We created designed the stationery and coordinated the day. Meanwhile, Inna Spivakova from Peach Plum Pear Photography worked to capture all the creativity on display.

To set the stage for the main tablescape, Papertini designed floral arrangements that would stick to the chosen color palette. Selecting foods that matched the theme was easy enough, but Tanti went so far as to come up with a new spin on a signature cocktail — The French Kiss.  

The delicious red velvet cake added the perfect touch to the table (and all of the professionals were able to enjoy all of it’s yummy goodness after the shoot was finished).

For the wedding stationery system that we created for the day, our graphic designer chose a striking font, with clean lines and open space that allowed the colors to pop.  She also designed the menus, table numbers, and cards.

The wedding invitation suite was expertly letterpress printed by local family-owned printers, The Paravano Company.

The wedding invitation suite was completed with hand-lettering on the envelopes by Lynda Asprinio of Write Away for You Calligraphy

And, you can't have a wedding without someone getting married. Playing the part of the bride was model Lindsay Marie whose make-up was done by C.E. Facial Artistry

We were happy to be part of the coordination and design of Papertini's vision, and even happier to see our work featured on Storyboard Wedding, a popular inspirational blog for couples planning their wedding. 

Trilogy Event Design is available to help plan, design, and coordinate your wedding or event. For an initial meeting, please contact us by emailing or visiting our online calendar.  

Featured Vendors

Venue: Abington Art Center
Photographer: Peach Plum Pear Photo
Floral Design/Concept: Papertini
Make-up: C.E. Facial Artistry
Calligraphy: Write Away for You Calligraphy
Letterpress Printing: Paravano Company
Dresses: Page Six
Event Coordination/Stationery & Design: Trilogy Event Design


Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

venue vs planner.png
Chief Event Planner Randi Martin pinning the boutonniere on a groomsman. Photo by Daniel Bostwick Photography

Chief Event Planner Randi Martin pinning the boutonniere on a groomsman. Photo by Daniel Bostwick Photography

Ideally, your venue coordinator and wedding planner should be able to work together to execute your well-planned dream wedding. Of course you need the coordinator provided by your wedding venue (ceremony and/or reception) because they are most familiar with the ins and outs your chosen location. However, there is a difference between this person and an independent wedding planner that you hire to be your liaison. 

The venue coordinator is responsible for what happens inside their 4 walls. They are responsible for making sure you get the items you paid them to provide. They make sure their caterer provides the right food at the right time. They make sure their bar is stocked properly. They make sure the right number of tables and chairs are provided for your guests to be seated. They make sure the lights are on, the heat/air conditioning is at a comfortable temperature, and the bathrooms are fully functioning.  

Your privately contracted wedding planner will help you with your plans prior to the wedding day. They may help you make decisions about the details for your wedding (venue, professionals, colors and/or theme, stationery, flowers, etc.). They will start working before you get to the ceremony and after you leave the reception. They will troubleshoot problems as they arise so you don't have to interrupt your moments with friends and family. 

Your Trilogy Event Design Wedding Planner will ensure that your vision comes to life the way you planned. Photo by Bostwick Photography.

Your Trilogy Event Design Wedding Planner will ensure that your vision comes to life the way you planned. Photo by Bostwick Photography.

Real examples from our experience of issues the wedding planner might tackle... Your photography services are contracted to end before the reception is over so the timeline has to be adjusted accordingly... the florist delivered the wrong corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom... half of the specialty linens ordered didn't arrive at the venue... the limo driver got lost on the way to the church (with the bride inside)… the DJ had a heart attack while setting up for the reception… These are issues that the venue coordinator either would not know about or would not be able to help you resolve. 

There are many other things that your selected wedding planner will do for you, but we hope you now have a better understanding of the differences. If your venue coordinator tells you that you won't need a wedding planner because they do it all, just ask them what they do to help you before you arrive at the facility. 

We would be delighted to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your wedding planning needs. We offer a variety of services including Wedding Coaching, Wedding Management, and Event Design.

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3 Reasons Why Winter Weddings Are Better Than Summer Weddings

Our winter glam wedding - January 2014 -  Megan W Photography

Our winter glam wedding - January 2014 - Megan W Photography

Written by Courtney Emrich, Trilogy Event Design

In the world that is known as the Bridal Industry, summer is held in very high regard as far as weddings are concerned. Sacred summer wedding weekends are as treasured as gold, being held in such high esteem that favored venues must booked years in advance. What’s not to love about a summer wedding with its great weather, beautiful outdoor venue options, and excellent color scheme choices? Summer may have a leg up on the other seasons in the wedding world, but what many brides-to-be tend to overlook is the vast qualities of a winter wedding. Winter captures the calm elegance of nature and the beauty of a crisp winter day. What bride wouldn’t desire this elegance on her wedding day? Not only does winter capture an eclectic bridal atmosphere, but it also offers many other wedding options that summer cannot match.


1.      Beautiful Winter Wedding Color Schemes

By choosing a winter wedding, brides-to-be get their pick of several gorgeous color schemes that compliment the winter weather and capture the pure beauty of their day. Candy reds, frosty blues, striking purples, and classic blacks and golds, all make up a small part of the long list. All create an aura of pure elegance, which would make a winter wedding an easy choice for any bride.

Photo Credit:  Tulle & Chantilly

Photo Credit: Tulle & Chantilly

Photo Credit:  Fab Mood

Photo Credit: Fab Mood

Photo Credit:  Elegant Wedding Invites

2. Gorgeous Reception Ideas

What bride’s dream wouldn’t be to walk into her wedding reception and be immediately transformed from a bride to a Winter Wonderland princess? Twinkling lights that mimic falling snow, stardust silver glitter, fluffy white peonies, and warm illuminating candles will not only transform every brides fantasy into reality, but will also create a serene and graceful atmosphere that will keep her guests in awe.

Photo Credit: The Good Life France

Photo Credit: The Good Life France

3. Stunning Wedding Photographs

Snowing on your wedding day? Perfect! Capture the beauty of your winter wedding day by taking advantage of the best photo moment imaginable. Allow the simplicity and elegance of your pure white background to pose endless options for unique photo opportunities. Not only will each wedding photo be impeccably scenic and picturesque, but each bride and their groom will cherish each special photo for years to come. 

Photo Credit:  Steve Moody

Photo Credit: Steve Moody

Photo Credit:  Nufusion Productions

Photo Credit: Nufusion Productions

What wonderful elements will you add to your winter wedding? (comment below)

If you need help with planning, design, or stationery, please come meet with us. We'd love to make your vision come to life. 

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Winter Weddings (Part 3)

Winter Weddings 3.png

I hope you enjoyed Winter Weddings Part 1 & Part 2. Now it’s time to celebrate the BLUES. Winter weddings are known for bringing in shades of blue to lend a cool romantic winter's eve feel to your wedding. 

Light Blue

Image from  Andrea Eppolito Events  (Las Vegas)

Image from Andrea Eppolito Events (Las Vegas)

The trendy ghost chairs mixed with this cool color palette makes this reception look like a winter wonderland. The snowflake accent lighting is an extra special touch.

Navy Blue

Pic from  Elle Decor

Pic from Elle Decor


The mixture of navy blue and gold make me think of a sophisticated New Year’s Eve wedding. The shimmer and shine are elegant and celebratory. Festive without feeling overly formal.

Pic from Pinterest

Pic from Pinterest

As you have seen throughout this series, a romantic winter wedding can be a glimmering snowy dreamscape or an shimmering elegant affair. Couples getting married in the winter can choose their themes and decor from a myriad of colors. Glowing candles and sparkling sequins reflect the twinkle in their eyes as they begin their happily ever after.

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Glitter Wishes and Unicorn Kisses!

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