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Let's Get This Party Started


The wedding reception's entertainment is always on the forefront of many couples' minds, beginning with whether to go with a DJ or a live band. There are certainly many fabulous music and entertainment options in the Greater Philadelphia Area that couples will not be left wanting for choices. This week on The Trilogy Blog we wanted to focus specifically on working with a DJ for your wedding reception.

Photo by Daniel Bostwick Photography

Photo by Daniel Bostwick Photography

When selecting your DJ, consider first whether you have a specific DJ in mind or whether you will be hiring a company that has a roster of DJ's to choose from. If you do not have a specific person in mind, and you decide to work with a company, first consider whether you are interested in having any specialty lighting for your ceremony or reception.

Design by Trilogy's Creative Director Francesca Staffieri. Eventions Lighting. Photo by Lindsay Docherty Photography

Why? Because many companies are Sound & Lighting companies that can provide lighting services as part of a package with your music entertainment. If you are considering using specialty lighting — and who doesn't want to see their names in lights on the dance floor …

— then you should definitely consider starting your interview process with a Sound and Lighting Company. If not, then your playing field is wide open!

When interviewing your DJ, consider the following questions:

  • What happens if your DJ has an unforeseen issue preventing their arrival on the big day? Just like working with any wedding professional that is there on the day, they should have a back-up in case something prevents them from being there.

  • What's their style? Many DJs have examples of their work, and can show you a sizzle reel of what they do to get the party started

  • Will they be your DJ on the day? Sounds like a silly question, but many companies will only guarantee that a DJ will be there for the day, not necessarily the one you are meeting with. If you want to work with a specific DJ, they may ask for an additional fee to guarantee that amazing pro you just met with will definitely be there on the day.

  • When will you next speak/meet with them? Most DJ's will speak to you the week of the wedding to review the reception timeline, any special dances you may want to have, any songs that you want played — even what songs you don't want played! If this is not something they normally do, request a check-in call the week of the wedding.

  • Have they played at your venue before? Just because a wedding professional has not worked at your venue before does not mean you should immediately discard them. The best work from a professional comes from a great working relationship between yourselves and the DJ. While it's nice to know that they know the ins and outs of a venue, if they're the right fit for you, they'll be the right fit for the venue too!

Silver Sounds DJs. Photo by Pictures by Todd Photography

Silver Sounds DJs. Photo by Pictures by Todd Photography

There are many more questions you should feel comfortable asking your DJ not only during the interview, but also as things come up during the course of your wedding planning. 

Next week, we'll take a look at a sample music reception timeline. In the meantime, if you're getting married or having an event and you have a question about music and entertainment, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Or, you can go one step further and schedule an initial meeting by emailing, calling 800-941-2770, or using our convenient online scheduler