Perfect: Bridesmaids and Their Dresses

by Bryanna Beamer

After months of dieting, searching, coveting, and crying, you have finally found the perfect wedding dress to complete your perfect marriage to your perfect man; but what about your perfect bridesmaids?  There are so many issues that arise when shopping for our ladies of the evening. There are women of different financial situations, personalities, height, color, style, and width and you have to find the perfect dress to accommodate them all. Should they all be the same style, color, material? How are you supposed to please them all while still maintaining your dream-wedding look?

Step one: Realize that you are the bride. This is your day, not theirs, and while you love them with all of your heart, they need to understand that you should not be expected to compromise on your vision anymore than you would expect them to compromise on theirs when their day comes. That being said, make sure that your vision lines up with who is in your bridal party. It would be ill advised to select a $2,000 bright orange, skin tight, strapless dress when you know for a fact that your red headed, voluptuous friend whose budget is tight due to her incoming baby is in your party. Your vision will not work and your thoughts will be consumed by the abhorred vision she will be presenting on your wedding day.

Step two: Ask for ideas. Yes, you have final say but no, you should not start the planning off being a dictator. Sometimes it takes a person removed from the immediate situation to enlighten you about a potentially better idea. They may like the idea of having the same color but different designs or maybe they all want the same dress in different colors. Entertain their ideas of course but you have final say. Remind yourself that they agreed to be your bridesmaids because they love you and they want to help you in any and every way possible so let them be apart of the barnstorming process before you fall in love with a single idea that simple isn’t feasible. Have a backup plan to your backup so that you will not be disappointed at any point along this journey.

Step three: Relax. It is universally understood that the only person that truly matters on this day is you (and of course your groom). You are getting married. You are saying your vows. You you you. Don’t get caught up on them and how they look because eyes will be glued on you and what you are wearing, doing, saying, and acting. Your guests came to see what you will be wearing so think of your bridesmaids as the backup dancers in a Beyoncé concert: they are there to make you shine brighter.

Posted on May 11, 2015 and filed under Fashion & Style, Wedding Planning.