Summer is finally here!

by Alora 

What better way to celebrate summer than with a beautiful beach wedding? But wait... what about the dress, the heat, and of course the centerpieces?! It seems like there is a never ending list of issues to resolve, so let me help you resolve one.

Selecting table centerpieces can be very stressful and overwhelming since there are so many choices. In a summer beach wedding though, you want to keep the centerpieces focused on the beach element from your ceremony.

You can go for the water element with centerpieces like these:

For the first centerpiece, you need three varying height glass cylinder vases. First, you want to put some rocks in the bottom of each vase remembering to play with height difference. Once you are happy with the level of rocks in each vase, you will fill them up with water. Remember to again play with height difference, but make sure the candle is floating inside the vase, not above. You can finish this centerpiece off with a starfish or a seashell.

For the next centerpiece, you will need to order flowers that match you color scheme and blue or turquoise mason jars to fill with water. On the day of, you will fill each mason jar with water and a splash of bleach to keep the flowers fresh. Once each jar is filled you can put the flowers in and your beautiful centerpiece is complete.

Or you can go with the sand element with pieces like these:

The first sand centerpiece will also require glass cylinders. You can buy varying height vases for the same look as the candle centerpiece above. Fill each vase with sand, playing with height if you choose. Next, you will stick a single flower in each vase, remembering to match your color scheme. To finish off this piece you can place flower petals and/or votive candles around the vases.

The final centerpiece shown is also an easy DIY centerpiece sure the capture the beach feel. You will need to buy lanterns and candles that fit inside. These centerpieces can be pre-made and brought to the reception venue prior to the day of the wedding. First, you will cover the bottom of the lantern with sand. Then you will place the candle in the center. Around the candle you will place small starfish and/or seashells. To finish off the piece, you can put candles or shells on the table around it.

All centerpieces above are DIY. Each piece brings a different feel while still keeping the beach theme. You should coordinate your table linens with the centerpieces while keeping in mind not to wash them out. Creating a color scheme for your wedding before choosing centerpieces will help with this. Your beach wedding will be fun and airy so keep it light with these beautiful centerpieces!

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Do you have any ideas for beach wedding centerpieces that you'd like to share? Feel free to comment below.