Best & Worst Trends of 2015

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We asked our fabulous team of interns to put together a list of the Best & Worst Trends (for weddings and special events) of 2015. Here's what they said:

Best of 2015: 

  1. Light & romantic  color scheme (ex. blush pink/gold/ivory)

  2. Colored glass vases

  3. Wine bottle centerpieces (often spray painted silver or gold)

  4. A lot of greenery and garlands

  5. Dessert tables

  6. Long rectangular farm tables with mix-matched chairs

  7. "Unplugged" ceremonies and personalized hashtags

  8. Braids

 Photo taken by Trilogy Event Design 

Photo taken by Trilogy Event Design 

Worst of 2015:

  1. Mason jars

  2. Inappropriate or "TMI" bridal party photos

  3. Mustaches (as a theme)

  4. Bridal jumpsuits

  5. A third dress for the wedding... that is a little too much

  6. Burlap

  7. Candy buffets (not for weddings anymore)

  8. Drones (sure they were cool for about 13 minutes)

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