Mix and Match

by, Samantha Delahanty

Finding bridesmaids dresses can be a very stressful part of the wedding process.  Trying to coordinate styles and colors to match each of your bridesmaids’ body shape and skin tone is very difficult to do.  The tradition is to have matching dresses for each of the bridesmaids and maid-of-honor.  But lately, brides have been doing something a little different.

Over the past few years, something that has been becoming popular is having mix-and-match bridesmaids’ dresses.  This is a very nontraditional look but it adds some uniqueness to each of your bridesmaids.  Trying to find one dress that fits all of your bridesmaids can be hard.  A dress that looks good on your tall friend may make your shorter friend look like she is drowning in material.  Having your bridesmaids choose their own dress style will also make it easier for them to wear it again since it is a style that they prefer and like.   

  Photo source: Megan Robinson Photography   http://www.meganrobinsonblog.com/

Photo source: Megan Robinson Photography http://www.meganrobinsonblog.com/

Another thing that has become popular is having your bridesmaids have completely different shades of colors all together, along with having different styles of dresses.  This allows for the uniqueness of each bridesmaid to stand out.  This will allow the bridesmaids to individually stand out without overshadowing the bride but rather complementing her.  This is also another incentive for the bridesmaids to keep their dresses because they will have a dress that works with their skin tone.

  Photo source: Dennis Kwan Photo   http://denniskwanphoto.com/

Photo source: Dennis Kwan Photo http://denniskwanphoto.com/

Having mix-and-match bridesmaids’ dresses adds a little bit of a new flare to your wedding procession.  It will keep everyone on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the next dress looks like, leading up to the finale: the bride’s gown.  It will also make your bridesmaids more willing to save the dress and wear it again since they were able to choose the style and/or color of the dress.

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Posted on April 27, 2015 and filed under Wedding Planning, Fashion & Style.