Designing Your Chuppah

by Julie Herskovitz, Mitzvoth Consultant

Every Jewish family knows that an essential part of a Jewish wedding is the Chuppah, or marriage canopy. Today, there are so many ways a couple can be creative with this aspect of their wedding. 

The Chuppah traditionally represents the new home to be created by the bride and groom. The Chuppah is open on all four sides to represent openness to kindness, love, and community.  And while there is a long history behind this tradition, today, especially in the U.S., brides and grooms can be creative with their Chuppah choices.

The material used was once only of satin or silk. But really, anything goes.

Chuppah Ideas:

The Traditional, man held Chuppah

Traditionally, a piece of cloth is attached to four poles and the bride and groom ask friends/family to hold the poles during the ceremony.

This is a great way to incorporate some special people into your wedding!

 Mitzvah Consultant & Planner, Julie Herskovitz, standing under the Chuppah at her wedding.

Mitzvah Consultant & Planner, Julie Herskovitz, standing under the Chuppah at her wedding.


More couples today elect to have a “self-standing” Chuppah. The Chuppah can be made larger this way as some like to have their family stand under the canopy with them. However, family does not need to be under the Chuppah with the bride and groom. 

This Chuppah can be decorated with floral arrangements as it is stable

The Personalized

A family Tallit. In my wedding, we used a self-standing Chuppa, decorated with floral arrangements on the posts, and with my Saba’s (grandfather’s) Tallit hanging under the main material and over mine and my husband’s head.

One bride and groom asked friends to make a quilt square about the couple. They then sewed together the squares and used the homemade quilt as their Chuppah. Hanging over them fond memories as shared by those close to them.

This blog was written by our newest team member, Mitzvah Consultant & Planner Julie Herskovitz. If you would like to have a consultation with Julie, please call 800-941-2770 ext 1 or email