Years went by between the day they met and their first date. They would see each other once or twice a year as colleagues. She thought he was super intelligent and funny but that was it because he didn't seem interested in her beyond a work collaboration. On Valentine's Day 2009, he called her to ask what she was doing and was surprised to learn that she was single... not even dating. He was out of town but asked her out for breakfast the next morning. She said "Yes" and the rest is history. 

When we first met with our lovely bride Andrea, she regaled us with stories of their time together, and you knew what a fun and loving couple they were from the moment she said that John is her "Mister". But, it wasn't until she explained that in all the years that they've been dating, many of her friends and family have yet to actually meet the "Mister" to her "Diva"... at least, not without his face concealed! Whether it was attending parties wearing a mask, or ensuring the photo of themselves together focused on her and away from his face, John's identity has been a mystery until they walked together onto a beach in Puerto Rico hand-in-hand in front of their guests.

Photography: Denise Allen

Venue: Rincon Beach Resort, Puerto Rico

Wedding Planner: Randi Martin, Trilogy Event Design